Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss

We hope you are ready for an extreme adventure! The activities will be divided into half day, full day and extra activities. Alle attendees get one activity included.  When choosing a half day activity, you can combine it with one extra activity for an additional fee. If you want to do a free full day activity, you are set for the whole day

Activities to choose from: 

Rafting – Builld a team and launch into the challenging whitewaters created from the melting snow in Norwegian mountains. This year has been a very good snow year, which means high class white water action! Leverage the forces of nature or find a quick exit strategy.


Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss


Wind tunnel – Learn to fly your body in one of the world´s most advanced wind tunnels! Definitely one of the coolest experiences in Voss and sure to kick start your adrenalin pump. Test your agility and pivot through a session corresponding to 4 free fall skydiving jumps.


Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss


Climbing park  – Challenge your skills on 55 climbing and balance elements spread out on 6 exciting routes. Raise to the challenge and you’ll find yourself 12 meters above ground!

Fjordkayak – Get wet in waterfalls, visit small villages and experience the majestic nature while paddling through Nærøyfjorden, a fjord so beautiful it is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. With some luck you could even have a networking session with the local seals or eagles.

Glacier Skiiing – On Folgefonna, Norway’s third largest glacier, you can strap on your skis in the middle of summer and ski down the slopes. Remember sunscreen and sunglasses, because the sun in combination with the snow might give you more than just a tan.


Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss


River Kayak – Stream down the worldclass rivers of Voss in your own kayak, guided by your paddle master. Keep your balance on the disruptive whitewater or be prepared to get soaked. This is a close encounter with Mother Nature herself.


Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss


Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss

Beer Tour – Walk through a guided tour in the closed down slate quarry, before visiting Voss Brewery to get a taste of the local liquid assets.

Rappel – Quickest way down from a 40 meters tower? Straight down, of course. Feel the blood rushing when you rappel down the side. Feeling tough? Then choose to go face down and run down the tower wall.


Optional menu: (Available for an additional fee)

Skydyving Tandem – Is skydiving on your bucket list? Strap yourself to an experienced skydiver and jump out of a perfectly working plane. Sounds exciting? It is…We’ll provide proof of your bravery by having a professional camera man filming you in HD


Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss


Paragliding Tandem – Ever wanted to fly like a bird? Attach yourself to a gliding parachute and fly over Voss and experience the birds perspective of the world. This will definitely ruffle your feathers.


Photo Credit: Erik Østlie – Visit Voss

Paragliding acro Tandem – Just gliding is not enough for you? You want to add some extreme to it? Then pick this one. Here you will throw some acrobatics into the mix that will make your belly twist around itself.