Plan Your Trip

Brief Program Overview

June 17th:

We’re starting out in Bergen with our pre-event High Tech Norway on the 17th from 09:00-17:00. This event will be open for all Startup Extreme Participants who wants to join. The day will have two tracks (1) Company Building and Scaling, and (2) Corporate Venture. The first track will incorporate topics such as growth hacking, team expansion and getting the right investment. The second track will give you an overview of the Corporate Ventures and how they work, followed by insights from the perspective of new companies, accelerators, and the corporations.

At 17:00 the Startup Extreme attendees travels to Voss organized in  busses, the drive is 1,5 hour. The evening will consist of dinner and socialising at the Extreme Camp.

June 18th:

We have a full day of networking mixed with a lot of adrenaline planed. We’ll split into groups of 15 and try activities such as river kayaking, white wind tunnel, and Glacier Skiing. In the evening we’ll have eat an extreme and traditional Norwegian dinner followed by a huge bonfire and midsummer party.

June 19th: 
On the last day you can choose between participating in the Startup Olympics or listen to inspiring extreme stories.

The day ends at 17:00 where the attendees can either travel back to Bergen and depart from there, or take the famous train ride over the mountains to Oslo and leave from Oslo on Saturday morning (20th). You can get your train ticket (Voss-Oslo) here:



In Voss you are greeted by snowy mountain tops, valleys and forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. It is located in the heart of Fjord Norway, between the famous fjords Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. Voss is the largest municipality in the county of Hordaland, with its approximately 14 000 inhabitants and covering 1 815 square kilometres.


The landscape has been affected by the sea, glaciers and rivers eroding the rock and carving out smaller and larger valleys. Being surrounded by mountains, it is hard to believe that the town centre is situated only 54 metres above sea level.



Getting to Voss

The closest airport is Bergen (BGO). There are direct flight from the world main hubs to Bergen. Here’s an overview of who provides direct flights to Bergen, Norway:

Amsterdam –

Copenhagen – or

London – or

New York –

Reykjavik – or

Oslo –, or

Stockholm –, or

You can also use search engines such as momondo, skyscanner or kayak to find your way.



The trip from Bergen City to Voss is about 1,5 hour. You can get to the city centre from Bergen airport by bus or taxi, both are located right outside the airport exit.

The Startup Extreme guests will be taken to from Bergen city centre to Voss in organised shuttle busses at 17:00 June 17th (Included). If you for some reason cannot join the organised busses from Bergen to Voss, you’ll have to organise your own trip with the trains that can take you from Bergen to Voss (Not included).

After Startup Extreme finishes on friday 19th, organised busses will take you back to Bergen (Included). You can also take the famous train over the Norwegian mountains from Voss to Oslo (Not included). The train departs at 17:45 and arrives in Oslo 00:05. You can order your ticket at

Map Bergen Airport → Bergen City → Voss:


If you are arriving on the 16th in Bergen you can find a place to stay (from 16th to 17th) by using a hotel search site or AirBnB. Same for staying in Voss, Oslo or Bergen after the event ends on June 19th.

From 17th to 19th during Startup Extreme we are staying at the Extreme Camp at  Voss Resort, Bavallstunet. You will be staying in the beautiful mountain lodges at the resort. With a choice of shared (Bunk beds) or private rooms. (Price: 150 – 250€, 2 nights total).

Registration and Activities

We will send you a pre registration link for the activities so that you’ll be all set before arriving.

You can read more about the different Activities here.


You’ve probably heard the rumors: Norway can be a bit cold. In June the average measured top temperature in June is 17,9°C and the average lowest is 9,6°C, in addition to 9 days of rain throughout the month. Which is fantastic news for Norwegians, because that is as good as it can get!

In other words: we can report nice sunny days with a comfortable temperature for activities and relaxation, with a slight chance of rain. The evenings will be a bit chilly, so make sure to bring a jacket. Remember that it’s always better to have the option of taking off a layer of clothing rather than having too few.

There is also an average of 20 hour daylight, so make sure to bring your sleep mask or be prepared for short nights.

What to pack?

  • Toiletries
  • Underwear
  • Raincoat and pants
  • Thin windbreaker and hiking trousers (with good moisture transfer)
  • Wool/wool mixture underwear + extra shifts
  • Socks with a lot of wool and good fit + extra shifts
  • Fleece or thin heating jacket
  • Beanie
  • Swimwear
  • Indoor clothing and shoes
  • Hiking boots or shoes you can be active in
  • Shorts and T-shirt (wool / synthetic fiber) if it is notified hot weather
  • Sweater and pants
  • Camera/GoPro
  • Small backpack for hiking

Craving more extreme adventures? Stay behind and experience Ekstremsportsveko that takes place 21-28th of June!